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The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT)

Version: 0.9.3 SVN:2341M


This is the home of the MRPT C++ library documentation generated by Doxygen. See the CHANGELOG for this release.

You can browse the complete list of classes here, or use the tabs on the top of this page for looking for a specific namespace, hierarchy of classes, etc.

This reference documentation is complementary to the MRPT book available for download at the main web site.

Performance benchmarks

Extensive performance tests are automated by means of the application mrpt-performance. To see the results on different platforms, as well as a comparison between different compilers and platforms, see the performance page.

Libraries / Modules

Click on a library name to see a summary of its contents. Those marked as (*) are experimental libraries. Read also the guide to write new MRPT libraries.

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